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Our history began in 1974 when our Chairman, Mr. Winata Hadi Santoso, joined the family business and was immediately commissioned to head the new Jakarta office. By 1979, the Jakarta branch had rooted its core competence in the distribution of Basic Chemicals and lead the company in revenue, which prompted the management to soon after move the group headquarter to Jakarta. In light of this vast contribution, Mr. Winata Hadi Santoso was then promoted to the post of General Manager, and then as a member of the Board of Directors. 

In 1984 the company took the name PT. Panca Kusuma Aneka Kimia, which was later on changed to PT. Panca Kusuma Raya in 2006 alongside growing drives to diversify its business portfolio. Today, this diversification strategy has expanded the company's product range to include Fabric Dyes, Minerals, Specialty Chemicals, Industrial Equipment (FRP), and Logistic Services.

With close to four decades of experience in the industrial sector, we have grown to become one of Indonesia’s trusted Industrial partner serving multiple industries. Our domestic and international networks allows us to connect global manufacturers with over 500 end-users nationwide within the agricultural, ceramics, chemicals, consumer & home care, food & beverages, metal treatment, pharmaceutical, paint & coating, pulp & paper, rubber, textile & fabrics, and other sectors.


Becoming the leading national and integrated supply chain management company


Integrating the 5 (Five) key platforms of our national supply chain,
distribution – logistics – manufacturing – technologies – infrastructures,
to deliver the best service experience to all customer segments

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Corporate Value




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CEO Message


Eric Johanes
(President Director)

CEO Talk

Founded in 1973 as a traditional general trading companies for packaging and chemicals, today we have grown to a modern industrial chemicals and equipment distribution company. Moving forward, we embark on a new challenge to transform ourselves to be a nationally integrated supply chain management company.

We see opportunity developments to grow our commercial business exponentially and nationally, then to further extending our business scope to include operations in the logistics, manufacturing, infrastructure development and management, and technology sectors. Integrated synergy between these five sectors will deliver both unique and sustainable added values for our stakeholders and contribute to Indonesia's national sustainability and prosperity.

As we continue to grow and fulfill our mission, we must never forget these values: seeking sustainability in all of our business conducts, be courageous in all matters, always practicing and applying intelligent business processes and innovations, continuously developing our people and recognizing them as our most valueable assets, and finally to be excellent in all aspects of our business.

Our commitment to our business partners are to always add value by offering the right deals, right processes, right people, right technology, and be present nationally for them. Today our young and vibrant leadership crew and operations teams are comitted to deliver the best service experience to all of our customer segments served.

Management Team


Paula Johanes
(Vice President Director)


Sendarius Lesmana
(Industrial & Commercial Director)


Cicilia Santoso
(Infrastructure, Logistics & Technology Director)